Blogs: Gazprom is out of the game – we don’t buy gas from Russia for 90 days today


Well, friends, here is a good thing I’m telling you before Friday. Today is exactly 90 days as we do not buy gas from Gazprom.

I think this is excellent. No bastard blackmailed us throughout the winter, no one closed the valve live on TV on January 1 (as it happened in 2006 – RRT), and Russian television viewers, who got used to such a show, fell into depression.

Some felt something close to drug withdrawal syndrome: without a usual dose of stories like “Ukraine steals our gas,” or “let’s cut off the gas to Kiev – they will start jumping on the Maidan”.

The time of those not-very-God-damn-touching-and-romantic relationships is over. Who said we were happy together? Not at all. We are happy apart – and we have as many as 90 very convincing evidence. For two decades nobody could save Ukraine from the “gas needle”. We used to negotiate, overpay, and yield. Now it’s over. And it is victory. There is no returning to the past. But we are just at the beginning of our way.

In the future, with the help of energy saving and domestic production, we need to get rid of gas imports completely. Polish experience is a good example. And I suggest we celebrate it when it’s 100 days. March 6 is a good day, and this is a weekend.

Kirill Sazonov