Hungary called for NATO to start accession of Georgia and Macedonia


NATO should complete the process of Montenegro’s joining the alliance, and start the accession of Macedonia and Georgia, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto, as reported by Reuters .

“If NATO does not continue expanding, it will greatly undermine the credibility of NATO”, – stressed the Minister.

In early December, at a meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member countries, it was announced that Montenegro was officially invited to become the 29th participant of the alliance. The Russian authorities reacted negatively: Russian Foreign Ministry called the invitation “openly confrontational step”, and a spokesman for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov has promised to respond to the expansion of NATO. The head of the US State Department John Kerry, in turn, stressed that NATO expansion is not aimed against Russia.

In May last year, Kerry announced his intention to help Georgia become a NATO member .

“We intend to assist Georgia to implement the Association Agreement with the European Union, and its movement through the path to NATO membership”, – said Kerry, noting that Washington strongly supports the “Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Georgia”.

In 2008, Greece vetoed Macedonia’s bid to join NATO. Athens referred to the unresolved dispute over the name of the former Yugoslav republic. The Greeks objects to the sovereign name “Macedonia”, because there is a historical region in Greece with the same name. In 2011, the International Court of Justice put a verdict on the lawsuit of Macedonia to Greece, concluding that by their veto Athens violated the agreement with Macedonia. Nevertheless, the decision of the court did not order Greece to withdraw their objections.

Source: RBC


Image: DW/Petr Stojanowski

  • NiceTry

    Patronizing racist asshats, including the ICJ, who today unethically act like they doesn’t notice former Yugoslavians recent identity quick change into founders of the Hellenistic period and irredentism against Greece have no moral or intellectual credibility.

    If they continue to support the former Yugoslav region of Vardar, Greece should not only be hostile to Skopje but extend hostility to nations like Hungary that ridiculously call them “Macedonians”. Collusion with those trying to exterminate the Greek people isn’t “human rights’. Its an act of war.