The mine “Severnaya” (“Northern”) exploded again


After the rescue work in the mine “Severnaya” (“Northern”) was seized, it exploded for the fourth time, and the blast was twice as powerful as the previous one. Fortunately, no people were nearby at the moment. This was reported by  RIA Novosti referring to the acting head of military rescue units of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia Vladlen Aksenov.

“On February 28 at 22.24 (Moscow time) a gasdynamic phenomenon occurred, and its was twice as strong as the one where the rescuers were injured (the night of February 28),” – he said.

How it happened

On February 25 at the “Severnaya” mine, at a depth of 780 meters there was a sudden surge of methane, and two explosions caused caving. A fire broke out. Rescuers arrived at the scene to eliminate the consequences of the explosion, and to look for miners under the rubble. Then the third explosion happened.

In total 36 people died: five rescuers, a mine worker, and 30 miners. Of these, 26 people are still under the rubble.