Ukraine resumes production of tactical weapons


Ukraine resumes production of short-range cruise missiles, and cooperation and technology exchange with NATO and the United States are possible in this area.

This was declared by a member of the US Congress Loretta Sanchez, reports “Radio Svoboda” (“Radio Liberty” – RRT).

“We are watching how NATO countries, as well as European countries enhance their capabilities. I include Ukraine in this list as well. We assume that Ukraine has considerable potential in the production of short-range cruise missiles for the needs of a significant part of European states. And I see the possibility for Ukraine to cooperate with the United States, and in the production of certain elements of the arms in this sphere,” – she noted.

It should be noted that the military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and members of NATO has intensified in recent months. German-made engines are being installed in Ukrainian armored vehicles. Ukraine and Lithuania are also looking for opportunities for cooperation in weapons and military equipment production.

“We are looking for opportunities for technology exchange. We have some military products. And we know that Ukraine is reviving its military industry. The first contacts between our experts and business representatives have already started. Their development will depend on production standards and price of particular military equipment,” – said Lithuanian Defense Minister Juozas Olekas.

On February 15, American border control system arrived to Ukraine from the United States. It is planned that they will start operating in the near future.