Iran started evacuating its troops from Syria


According to Israeli TV Channel Two, Iran is urgently evacuating 2,000 of its troops from Syria.

This is virtually the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) deployed in Syria, that has been significantly influencing the Syrian war. Revolutionary Guards have been in Syria for two years, and lost 20% of its personnel during that time.

The report of the Israeli TV channel did not specify how long the evacuation will take.

This message is consistent with the statement of the Secretary of State John Kerry in the Congress last week. Kerry said that the Iran “to evacuate a significant part” of its contingent.

This fact puts Russian aviation in Syria in a difficult situation. When Russia took the decision to participate in the Syrian war, it counted on the strategic allies: Hezbollah and Iran. The participation of the Revolutionary Guards was ensuring the effectiveness of the actions of Russian Air Force.

Now Hezbollah is seized by the actions of Israel and Saudi Arabia, and Iran withdrew from the conflict.