Mass layoffs at Russia’s biggest steel-rolling factory


Revyakino Metal Factory in the Tula region started mass layoffs.

As reported by, the official reason for dismissal is set as “resigned by their own request”. However, according to former factory employees, for the last month about 300 people “requested” for their dismissal. The workers wrote a complaint that they are forced to resign.

Starting from the last year, the factory only makes shovels. Only one production unit operates throughout the whole factory.

According to the management, the enterprise does not have enough funds to resume production. Bank accounts are arrested. They only have money to pay salaries and electricity bills.

Currently, the Revyakino Steel Factory is in the process of liquidation. By decision of the management, only the unit producing shovels will continue operating, with the headcount of 80 people. All other equipment will be preserved until the factory finds another owner.

Source: Rosbalt