Blogs: Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia… (photo)


While the Kremlin plays its game with the ceasefire in Syria, and throws on the quiet 2-3 aircrafts to the Hmeymim base, the biggest military exercise in the history of the Middle East named “North Thunder 2016” is taking place in Saudi Arabia.

“North Thunder 2016” involves more than 150,000 troops from more than 20 countries of the Arab coalition. Also, 2,540 aircrafts, 460 helicopters, 20,000 tanks, and other armored fighting vehicles are involved in the exercise.

It is impossible no to pay attention to such a concentration of troops in this period of the aggravated situation in Syria, and regular hints on the implementation of the “Plan B”. Of course, it is possible that the official data of Riyadh on the scale of the exercise is slightly exaggerated, and no one argues that, but the purpose of gathering of such a group in the Kingdom is clearly not to practice in shooting accuracy. This is just one of the preliminary steps for the implementation of the “Plan B”.

Well, here is my own note on the exercise. Informational support is beyond any expectations. And it’s not only about the media covering the event, the work of journalists and photographers on the ground, but also supporting the event in all social networks, “heating” the topic on Arab forums. In other words, a complete coverage throughout the whole media-space… Something for us to learn from.

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Source: zloy-odessit