Report on Russia’s war crimes will be read in Hague on April 5


Polish member of parliament Malgorzata Gosevska, who became a co-author of the report on Russian war crimes in eastern Ukraine, explained the purpose of the report.

It was reported with reference to Gosevska’s statement she made in her interview to RadioPolsha. The MP explained that one of the main objectives of the report was to provide an opportunity to testify victims of terrorists, show them to the public, and then to the court. Besides, they wanted to show the criminals, to explain to Europe that here we are talking about war crimes, for which, as we know, there is no statute of limitations, and criminals will be prosecuted in any case. The international community needs to know that Russia is behind all this. There is no any gangs, there are Russian citizens, and Russian secret services. On the occupied territories Russia released prison inmates, gave them weapons, and made them “authorities”.

In the Hague, the report will be presented on April 5. The MP expressed confidence that the time will come, and this report will be read in the State Duma (the lower chamber of Russia’s parliament – RRT) of the Russian Federation.