Mutko urged to create “our own Russian doping” unknown to Western labs


The Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko said at a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Sports of Russia about the need to create own products for high sport performance in order “not to get caught with Latvian or Chinese” drugs.

“As the head of the department, I am responsible for Paul Kulizhnikova, and for Ekaterina Bobrova, and I share a collective responsibility, and should be there for them,” – the Minister said.

“We need to understand what didn’t work, we need to create a system that will protect out top athletes against such things … we need to develop the domestic sport pharmacology in order to avoid using of foreign drugs in sports. If you do not create your own, you get caught with Latvian drugs, and with Chinese. There must be our own research and development in this sphere,” –Mutko shared the plans for the further development of Russian sport.

In addition, Mutko admitted that most likely Russian athletes will not take part in the forthcoming Olympics.

“You know what kind of problems our athletics are experiencing today. Today is the second day of IAAF Council. The head of the commission will have a speech. Look at the negative background around this meeting. I think that there is no point to expect a positive decision on the return of our athletics,” – TASS quoted the words of Mutko.