Investigative Committee shut out suicide version of the former head of Gokhran


Investigators have ruled out the version of suicide of the former head of the Russian Gokhran Vladimir Rybkin, which was reported by media on Thursday. The IC got to the conclusion that the official was walking down the stairs, and fell down.

Investigators found no reasons to believe in the suicide of the former head of Gokhran Vladimir Rybkin. This was told to TASS in the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow.

The interviewee said that the check has established that on March 4 Rybkin went down the stairs, fell down, and then the noise has brought the attention of a guard, who called the emergency.

“He was on the landing,” – the guard said. According to the IC representative, this means that the version of suicide, that previously appeared in the media, is excluded. “Doctors have diagnosed a “sudden death,” – he concluded.

The body of 68-year-old Rybkin was found in the evening of March 4 near the house 25 on Zubovsky Boulevard, where the Assay Office is located. A law enforcement source told “Interfax” that Rybkin allegedly committed suicide. According to the source, lately Rybkin developed depression due to the disease.

In turn, LifeNews citing a source reported that the body of the man was found injured, typical for falls from a height. According to them, only a passport was found on him.

Vladimir Rybkin headed Russian Gokhran since 2002, and retired in 2013. After that, the department has been headed by Andrey Yurin.

Source: RBC