A military plane shot down in Syria (video)


A military plane was shot down in Syria. This happened not far from the airport of the city of Hama, reports Sputnik, citing a military source.

According to the source, it was a MiG-21 plane of the Syrian Air Force. At the same time, other news agencies note that the downed plane looks similar to Su-34 bomber of the Russian Air Force. It was also reported that the pilot managed to eject before the crash of the aircraft, but was killed from the ground. According to some reports, the co-pilot survived.

On the video published online a flying plane is shown, and the rebels, firing at it from anti-aircraft installations. At the end of the video a parachutist can be seen. It is not clear from the record whether he is alive or not. No comments on the incident came from the Syrian side.

Source: echo.msk.ru