Russian industry is unable to fulfill military orders


While reporting to Putin during a “single day of acceptance of military products”, the deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov had to admit that Russian military industry failed to complete the order.

According to General Borisov, the Russian Defense Ministry has not received 15 aircrafts, 8 ships, 3 “Rokot” carrier rocket, as well as one upper stage “Breeze”, 253 rockets of various purpose, 240 armored vehicles, and 17 units of communication and automated control systems that were ordered for this year.

As the reason of failure the deputy Minister named the loss of some production technologies, poor organization of enterprises, and violation of cooperative ties between enterprises.

In response, Putin strictly ordered to take all measures to prevent this from happening again.

However, this is not the first year it happens. Military orders failed the previous year, and the year before, as well as earlier years.

Therefore, in November last year Russian Ministry of Justice has amended the legislation establishing criminal liability for misuse of funds for state defense orders. It applies only to business leaders. For ordinary workers criminal responsibility for being late for work and absenteeism has not been introduced yet.