EU declared “new principles” of building relations with Russia


Countries of the European Union unanimously adopted the five principles that will be the basis for building relations with Russia.

  1. The requirement for full implementation of the Minsk agreements, and return Crimea to Ukraine. No change in the attitude towards Russia is possible without meeting these requirements.
  2. The EU will strengthen its relations with the countries of the “Eastern Partnership”, and the countries of Central Asia (which Russia considers its sphere of interest) without regard to the opinion of Russia.
  3. Increasing energy safety of the EU, eliminating dependence on Russian energy, and coordinated countering Russian propaganda.
  4. Recovery of co-operation with Russia is possible only in certain areas, and only in the case when the lack of such co-operation would damage the EU’s strategic interests.
  5. Europe reserves the right to make all possible efforts for the restoration of civil society in Russia