Blogs: Putin’s gold has been taken from Russia, witnesses removed


Putin’s friend Lesin died a violent death. It became known that his body was placed into a hotel in New York after his head was repeatedly smashed.

It also became known that the former head of Gokhran Vladimir Rybkin, who retired last year, was found near his house on Zubovsky Boulevard in Moscow dead “with injuries typical to a fall from a height”.

According to the police, “the death of Vladimir Rybkin was a result of fracture of the spine and damage to internal organs”. The man was easily identified because before falling from a height he prudently pocketed his passport. It needs to be noted that a fall from the window is a professional risk of officials dealing with storage of Moscow’s “gold reserves”. In 1991 a similar incident occurred with the Executive Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikolai Yefimovich Kruchina, who fell from the window of his house immediately after the defeat of the State Committee on the State of Emergency, taking the secret of “the Party’s gold” to the grave.

And here’s another one: Dmitry Shumkov, who was one of the ten best Russian lawyers – found hanged in Moscow. Incidentally, in the past he was a trustee and a participant of series of Putin’s questionable transactions.

Well, it is such a period now, that everyone of Putin’s friends (or rather his “wallets”), who did not hide, need to put their best foot forward, and hire expensive bodyguards. The most optimal way is to go on the FBI’s witness protection program. After all, there is something they can tell.

Just two months before the death of the former head of Gokhran, an unprecedented sale of the Diamond Fund has started. Anything could be sold and exported. A little earlier inspections of such operations were legally removed, as well as inspections of the majority of transactions of such companies like Rosneft and Gazprom. It is clear that “Putin’s gold” is leaving Russia at a great speed. The variants of how to legalize it abroad are being developed, especially considering the fact that now it is becoming increasingly difficult to do – FBI does not sleep, and London has become so far away now, and expectations of a quiet harbor in Hong Kong did not come true – everything is complicated there.

The result of Putin’s new panic “multi-stepper” is the bloody track of the corpses of his accomplices. To hide the “chain” that is used for taking out the stolen wealth from Russia, it is being broken in several places by taking away witnesses. And there will be more dead, not only in the military (that are the jurisdiction of the Hague), but also among lawyers, businessmen and officials – Putin’s inner circle covers their tracks. Because the leadership is waiting for the final result: Putin’s gold is out of Russia, and all witnesses removed.

Viktor Shevchuk