“Weapons came the day before yesterday, on March 14, and was intended for armed groups of Iraqi Kurdistan – Peshmerga. The weapons were handed over in the presence of the Ambassador (of Russia in Iraq), and General Consul (of Russia), as well as the Deputy Chief of Staff of Peshmerga,” – quotes RIA Novosti the words of Grigoryan.

The Russian consulate has also confirmed the information on the supply of weapons to the Kurds.

“We confirm that we have delivered another batch. It happened the day before yesterday. A plane with weapons for the Iraqi Kurds has arrived. Five 23 mm cannons ZU-23-2, and 19 thousand projectiles we delivered to them. This is not the first delivery,” – said the adviser of the Russian General Consulate in Erbil Eugene Arzhantsev.

Source: RussiaToday