Gazprom and Tatneft will stop supplying oil to Belarus


Some Russian companies suspended oil supplies to Belarus. A few more players, including Tatneft and Gazprom, can do so in the near future.

“This issue was discussed at the Commission for Energy, headed by Russian Vice-Prime Minister Dvorkovich. The commission decided to give such a recommendation,” – said the assistant of the deputy Prime Minister Aliya Samigullina.

According to some sources, this decision is related to the fact that the Ministry of Energy was not satisfied how Belarus has been fulfilling its obligations to supply gasoline to Russia. On the other hand, the issue is also the budget revenues concern. According to the Federal Customs Service, the export of “black gold” to Belarus has significantly increased last year. So, the Russian budget loses income since the supply of oil products to the country is not subject to taxes.

It is worth noting that Russia supplies oil to Belarus at domestic prices, and in return receives a portion of petroleum products, writes Uralinformbjuro.

Source: UralInform