Boeing 737 crashed during landing in Rostov-on-Don


A passenger Boeing that was flying from Dubai to Rostov-Don fell to the left of the runway of Rostov-on-Don airport while landing in poor visibility conditions. Everyone on board were killed.

An aircraft of UAE airline FlyDubai crashed during the second landing attempt, said the official representative of the Ministry of Transport. The incident occurred at approximately 3.40 MSK. As stated by the Investigation Committee (IC), the aircraft exploded at the moment it touched the ground.

According to preliminary data from a source in the emergency services of the region, the Boeing touched the land with its tail. The Emergency Service of the Rostov region says that “the aircraft touched the runway with its wing during landing, then started breaking down, and burst into flames”. According to flight tracking service Flight Radar, before the incident the liner was circling for more than two hours over the airport, and this information was confirmed by the investigation.

Russia’s Investigative Committee is considering several versions of the crash, including technical failure, severe weather conditions, and the crew mistake.

“It is the captain who decides to land or not,” – said the representative of the Rostov airport Olga Ladeyschikova, answering the question why the crew did not go to a alternate airport.

According to rectified data, there were 62 people on board: 55 passengers, including 4 children, and 7 crew members. The Ministry of Emergencies put up a list of the victims, most of the passengers were Russian citizens. The crew consisted of citizens of different countries, with one Russian among them. According to the airline FlyDubai, there were 44 Russian citizens among the passengers, 8 citizens of Ukraine, 2 citizens of India, and one from Uzbekistan. Later, a source of RIA Novosti in emergency services said that based on the passport data, 46 Russians were killed.

The press service of the airport of Rostov-on-Don said that it is closed until 0.00 MSK Sunday. Airlines Aeroflot, S7 and UTair canceled flights in this direction, the rest of the planes that were supposed to land there were redirected to Krasnodar. The Ministry of Transport and Russian Railways are discussing an option to deliver passengers of flights to Rostov by train. Sochi and Kavminvody also expressed their willingness to receive those flights.

Psychologists work with relatives of the victims, who arrive at the airport where the tragedy happened.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the families of the victims, and instructed the Governor of the Rostov region and the head of Ministry of Emergency Situations to do everything necessary for the relatives. Local authorities will pay a compensation of one million rubles (approx. $15,000 – RRT).

Rescuers are collecting the remainings at the scene, “black boxes” were already found. The Investigative Committee of Russia said that the recorders are in good condition, and they were handed over to experts for decryption. The IC started a criminal case upon the collapse of the aircraft, the investigation will also be conducted by a commission of Interstate Aviation Committee, and the transport prosecutor’s office.

“The audit will assess the actions of the relevant services of Rostov-on-Don airport,” – said the official representative of the Prosecutor General Alexander Kurennoy.

Experts of the company FlyDubai will arrive to Russia to help the investigation. The company noted that the aircraft was produced in 2011, the last inspection was performed on January 21, and the pilot had a great experience. Also, FlyDubai does not believe that the weather conditions were too bad for the flight.

“If the weather was unsuitable, the aircraft would not fly,” – said the executive director of the carrier’s Gate Al Gate. He also ruled out the version of a bomb explosion on board.

The Emergency Service of Russia opened a “hot line” for the accident, for the information please call +7-800-775-17-17.

Source: RIA Novosti


Image: Bruno Geiger Airplane Pictures and Collection (under CC BY-NC 2.0)