Rosselkhoznadzor confirmed that Russia lacks the infrastructure for seed production


The assistant of the Head of Rosselkhoznadzor (Russia’s agriculture controlling service – RRT) Alexey Alekseenko said that there is no infrastructure for seed production in Russia.

“Infrastructure disappeared in 1990s, when a “flood” of cheap imported seeds filled Russia,” – quotes Gazeta.Ru the representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

According to him, currently most of the traditional Russian potato varieties are grown in Belarus. He explains this by saying that there are no conditions for normal seed production in Russia.

Last week, the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said that Russia depends on imports of certain types of seeds by 70-90%, since 20 years ago it was cheaper to buy them rather than produce.

The minister called the purchase of imported seed issue of food security.

“We clearly understand that it is not just the seeds, it’s not just the money that leave the country to buy seeds, but it is also food security. That is, if this “oxygen” is blocked, we are left without seeds, which means no sugar, no bread,” – said the Minister.

Source: Rosbalt