Obama paid a “historical visit” to Cuba


The US President Barack Obama has arrived to Cuba with the “historic visit”: he is the first US leader to visit the Liberty Island for the past 88 years.

Boeing 747-200 aircraft landed at the airport Jose Marti, reports TASS .

During the visit, Obama will hold talks with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro. A meeting with the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro is not planned though.

On March 22 Obama will speak at the National Theatre with a speech on human rights issues not only in Cuba, but in the whole world. He will also tell how he sees the future of the US-Cuban relations, touch the problems of civil society and dialogue between the two countries.

Barack Obama announced his intention to visit Cuba in early January. After more than half a century of confrontation, the United States and Cuba officially resumed diplomatic relations. The diplomatic mission of Cuba was opened in the US capital, as well as the diplomatic mission of the United States appeared in Cuba.

Source: KP.ru


Image: Reuters