USA delivered a supply of Javelin missiles worth $33 million to Estonia


On Sunday, March 20, Estonian Defence Forces received a batch of missiles for American anti-tank systems FGM-148 “Javelin”.

The cost of the batch was amounted to $33 million, the ammunition will be distributed among the army units armed with “Javelin” launchers. Estonia has received missiles of the type “Javelin Block-1”, which, compared to its predecessors, have greater speed and lethal force.

“This is an important replenishment of ammunition, which will allow the Defence Force to destroy enemy tank units of up to a brigade”, – said the head of the arms of the Defence Forces Major Risto Pyartel.

Purchasing of Javelin systems is a part of the National Defense Development program for years of 2013-2022, that was adopted in 2013.

In September 2015, Estonia received the first launchers of the 3rd generation of Javelin systems, purchased last year.

Javelin is used in American, and many other countries’ armies since the mid-1990s. This weapon is of the type “shoot and forget”, its warhead is designed to hit enemy’s armored vehicles at their weakest point: from the top.