Turkish cargo ship bumped into the bridge being built across Kerch Strait


Turkish cargo ship destroyed a support of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, that is currently being built (the bridge is supposed to link the Crimea Peninsula and the “continental” Russia – RRT). The incident was reported by FlashCrimea with reference to the management of federal highways “Taman”.

“A cargo ship leaned on the support of the working bridge #2 that is being built between the island of Tuzla and the fairway,” – he told the agency.

He also clarified that as a result of the accident the support #80 was destroyed, and it is also possible that the support #79 received hidden damage. In addition, two lighthouse piles were destroyed, and supports #79 and #81 were misplaced.

The media says that the incident happened in the evening on Saturday March 19, but became known only a few days later.

Source: RBC