NATO fighters accompanied Shoigu’s plane over the Baltic Sea


A reporter from the scene informs that NATO fighter jets accompanied Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on his way to the Kaliningrad region, where the head of the military department arrived with an inspection.

The minister’s plane flew over neutral waters of the Baltic Sea with an escort of Su-27 fighter planes from naval air force. At a distance of about 2 kilometers away fighters Eurofighter Typhoon flew, although they did not approach Shoigu’s board.

As it was previously reported, the Defense Minister arrived in the Kaliningrad region to ensure the organization of combat training, and the progress of the infrastructure construction in the formations and units deployed in the Kaliningrad region.

The Defense Ministry clarified that Shoigu also plans to inspect Chkalovsk military airfield, which is being reconstructed, and perform an audit of the educational process in the Ushakov’s Baltic Naval Institute.

Source: TASS