European Parliament: 0.6% of EU population should not decide on Ukraine’s fate


The European Parliament said that they strongly believe in the benefits of the association agreement between Ukraine and EU for both, Ukraine and the European Union.

The fate of the association of Ukraine and the EU can not be decided by 0.6% of the EU population – it is said in the joint statement of the head of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Elmar Brok, the head of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Committee Andrew Plenkovich, and pro-Ukrainian MP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski. The statement was published by the European Parliament’s press service.

“We take into consideration the preliminary results of a consultative referendum, which was held on April 6 in the Netherlands on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU,” – said in a statement.

According to them, they strongly believe in the benefits of this agreement for both Ukraine and the European Union.

“The Association Agreement has been ratified by 27 EU member states, the European Parliament, and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and approved by the two Dutch chambers and the Government of the Netherlands. We believe that the EU as a whole, with all 28 member states, must make this decision, not 20% of one member state, that is 0.6% of the total EU population, in a referendum, which is advisory by nature,” – said in a statement.

They also urged the Government of the Netherlands to announce its position as soon as possible, so the European Commission could move forward, and the European Parliament is ready to discuss possible ways out of the situation.

On Wednesday, April 6 a referendum was held in the Netherlands on the ratification of the agreement on the EU‘s association with Ukraine. According to the agency BNO News, 38,1% voted in favor of ratification of the agreement, and 61.1% opposed. The turnout was 32.2%, which is more than 30% that is required for the recognition of a valid vote. The final outcome of the vote is expected to be announced on April 12.

Source: RIA Novosti Ukraine


Image: Andrew Bossi (under CC BY-SA 2.0)