USA rejected their involvement in “Panama papers” leak


US authorities have nothing to do with the leak of documents of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. As reported by Interfax, it was stated on Thursday, April 7, by the State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

“I would like to reject the assumption that we can be involved in the release of these documents,” – he said.

Toner also noted that the United States at this stage do not intend to comment on the content of the documents.

Earlier, the portal Wikileaks reported that the US government, along with the US Agency for International Development, and the Soros Foundation could have financed the publication of the “Panamanian documents”.

On April 3, the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism published major investigation about secret accounts of “the world’s elite” members. The investigation referred to several countries’ leaders, 128 politicians, including the head of Ukraine, Iceland and Azerbaijan, as well as a football player Lionel Messi, and actor Jackie Chan.

In particular, it referred to offshores, belonging to Russian president Vladimir Putin. According to the authors of the investigation, offshore companies were registered in the name of Putin‘s close friend, Sergei Roldugin, whose accounts accumulated significant funds, coming from large Russian corporations through banks in Russia, Switzerland and Cyprus.

The company Mossack Fonseca hepled to register offshores in Panama, and the network itself was built by the bank “Russia”, that is currently under sanctions imposed by the US and EU in 2014.