France arrested Russia’s $700 million as payment for Yukos’ case


The court in France upheld the claim of the former shareholders of the Yukos Oil Company, who are seeking to recover $50 billion by the verdict of the Hague tribunal, and arrested payments in the amount of $700 million, that were destined for Roscosmos and Russian Satellite Communications Company.

A part of the arrested money in the amount of $300 million was supposed to be payed by Arianespace to Roscosmos for the supply and maintenance of Soyuz spacecraft. Another $400 million is payments of Eutelsat to the Russian Satellite Communications Company for the use of Russian communications satellites.

Currently, Roscosmos abstains from comments.

“There will be no comments from Roscosmos while the trial is in process,” – said a representative of the Russian Federal Space Agency.

French company Arianespace pays Roscosmos for the use of Soyuz spacecrafts for bringing satellites into orbit from Kourou space port in French Guiana.

Satellite operator Eutelsat leases satellite capacity from Russian Satellite Communications Company on two Russian satellites.