Expert: American private company pins the whole Russian space industry to the mat


If the plans of the American businessman Elon Musk come true, then by 2017 he will overtake the Russian space industry for a decade.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian expert on the efficiency of aviation complexes Vadim Lukashevich on his Facebook page.

The expert noted that the current heaviest carrier in the world – Falcon Heavy of Musk’s company SpaceX – has a load capacity of 40 tons for low orbit, and is scheduled to launch in 2016, or in early 2017.

“For comparison, the first launch of our heaviest carrier “Angara-A5V” of the carrying capacity of 38 tons for low orbit is planned for 2025. At the same time, the Falcon rocket has reusable blocks, while Angara does not,” – he said.

Lukashevich added that in 2017 SpaceX also plans to launch a seven-seater manned spacecraft Dragon V2.

“With the introduction of … Dragon V2, and the first launch of Falcon Heavy, the American businessman Musk pins the entire Russian space program to the mat. Yes, all of our space industry, including the 10-year perspective plans. Dear Russians, we are in deep shit,” – he stressed .

On April 8, the company SpaceX for the first time made a vertical landing of the first stage of a reusable launch vehicle Falcon 9, which has sent a Dragon space ship with a cargo of water, food and scientific instruments to the ISS. After the flight, the returned stage of the rocket successfully landed on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.