Prime Minister of Sweden: No one asked for Moscow’s opinion

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven speaks during a news conference regarding the attacks in Paris, at the Swedish government headquarters in Stockholm

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven gave a harsh response to Russia’s reaction to Sweden’s accession to NATO.

The Prime Minister said that no one asked for Russia’s opinion on this issue, and Lavrov’s words were described as “absolutely unnecessary”.

“We in Sweden make our own decisions about our defence and security policy. We demand respect for that, in the same way that we respect other countries’ decisions about their security and defence policies,” Löfven said, as quoted by The Local.

Löfven made this statement on Friday, April 29, commenting on Lavrov’s attack in an interview with Dagens Nyheter. Lavrov said in it that the Kremlin would respond to the likely accession of Sweden to NATO by military-technical measures on its northern borders.

Löfven also stressed that for a long time Sweden has not been joining any military block, which worked well for the country, and “Moscow is aware of that.”