There is more electric car chargers in Japan than gas stations


A study discovered that there are 35,000 gasoline stations and 40,000 charging stations for electric vehicles in Japan.

According to The Guardian, the study was conducted by Nissan, that recently released the Leaf electric car.

The study conducted by Nissan found that there is 5,000 more charging stations for electric vehicles than traditional gas stations. An important role in this preponderance is played by owners of electric cars, who equip their own station for private use.

The Government of Japan provides benefits to buyers of electric vehicles, hybrids and other environmentally friendly forms of transport. Thanks to this, there is so many charging stations, even more than in the US, where 9,000 charging stations are in public use. At the same time, it was reported that there are 114,500 gas stations in America.

According to The Guardian, these figures in Nissan’s study are due to a large number of private charging points used by one person. However, this model will change soon, and people will be providing their home station on the same principle as providing apartments for rent on Airbnb.

In general, the number of charging stations in the world increases gradually. According to Bloomberg’s forecasts, there will be 41 million electric vehicle charging stations in the world by 2040.