Blogs: 4 Russian attack helicopters were blown in Syria


Yesterday’s fire and explosion at the air base T-4 in Tiyas (near Palmyra) has been confirmed.

This was reported by Arabic sources on Twitter, and also confirmed by the pro-Russian blogger El-Murid.

“There appeared a version of not an ISIS attack, but rather some ‘human factor’. It is unclear whether Syrian authorities thus try to cover the failure to protect the air base, or the negligence has taken place for real. ISIS is definitely holds positions approximately 8 km from the base, so none of the versions of what happened can be excluded,” he writes.

According to him, the explosion of 20 trucks loaded with missiles was confirmed, as well as destroying of 4 Russian attack helicopters.

“The number of casualties is being verified, but there are talks about deaths of a certain number of Russian pilots,” said in a statement.