Turkey offered USA to have joint military operation in Syria


As reported by Anadolu agency, Turkish authorities offered the United States to conduct a joint military operation in Syria to clear the path to Raqqa – the main city of the terrorist group Islamic state (ISIS).

The offer was made by the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu speaking to reporters.

According to him, Turkish and American special forces could open a “second front” in Syria.

“By cleaning the area south of Dzharablusa and closing region near Myunbich, it provide passage to Raqqa,” the minister added.

Cavusoglu also criticized the US military cooperation with the People’s Self-Defense Forces of Syrian Kurds, which Turkey considers terrorists.

According to Press TV, special forces from Turkey, USA, France, Britain and Germany could also provide assistance to the Syrian opposition forces to overthrow the president Bashar al-Assad.

“The cooperation with another terrorist organization just out of sense that the Syrian regime might take Raqqa first – it is wrong in any sense from a human point of view,” he said.

Source: polit.ru


Image: military.com