Number of unemployed rose by 137,000 in March


The overall unemployment rate in Russia in 2016 is 6%.

According to Rosstat (Russia’s statistics agency – RRT), the number of unemployed increased by 137,000 people from February to March 2016. The unemployment rate is the lowest in the Central Federal District: 4%. The highest is in the North Caucasus: 11.6%. “Izvestia” analyzed the statistics and found out that the unemployed in rural areas is higher than in cities, it is harder for women to find a job than for men, and the mass layoffs will continue.

The overall unemployment rate in Russia is at 6% in 2016. At the same time, among the rural population it is almost twice as high as in urban areas (8.8% and 5.1%, accordingly).



  • Albert1

    If employment means that somebody who was holding a job is now sharing his job with one or more people at a lesser salary and one considers these peple as being employed then the figure might be correct but real employment will tell a different story