Foreign Ministry of Belarus considered NATO exercises as challenge


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus reacted to NATO exercises near its borders. In the diplomatic service it was said that such acts do not constitute a threat, but are a potential challenge.

“Activities of the NATO, or under the auspices of NATO near our borders – and we have more than 1,200 kilometers of common border with NATO countries – as well as building the infrastructure, are not considered as a direct military threat at the moment, however we do not perceive them positively,” the Deputy foreign Minister of Belarus Yevgeny Shestakov said.

NATO exercises in the Baltic countries began on June 3, and will last till June 19. 50 ships, 60 aircrafts, and 4,500 people take part in them.

Earlier, NATO declared their readiness to intensify support and assistance to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, to help them strengthen their security and sovereignty.