American destroyer USS Porter entered Black Sea (video)


Photos of an American missile destroyer USS Porter DDG 78 appeared on Twitter. It entered the Black Sea on June 6.

The pictures were taken during its passage through the Bosphorus strait.

Twitter users noted that the ship is equipped with anti-aircraft missile system SeaRAM, designed to protect the ship from air attacks.

As the command of the Sixth Fleet reported earlier, USS Porter will take part in exercises with navies of partner countries in the framework of Atlantic Resolve operation.

Also, the destroyer will hold “routine patrols with the USA allies and partners” to ensure “security and stability” in the region, the report said.

USS Porter and 3 other American destroyers are based in Spain, and are part of missile defense system that the United States and NATO deploy in Europe. The Alliance Management expects that the formation of a missile defense system will be completed in 2018.

Source: RIA Novosti