French special forces arrived in Syria


France provides the rebel with weapons, air support, and consultations.

French special forces arrived in Syria for consulting insurgents, who offense on positions of the Islamic State. This was announced by the representative of the French Army Gilles Jaron, Reuters reports.

“Paris provides rebels with weapons, aviation support, and consulting as part of a campaign aimed at ousting ISIS militants from the territory near the Syrian-Turkish border,” the military said.

He declined to give any further details on French commandos’ tasks in Syria.

Jaron only said that this is an attempt to take control of the border town Manbij.

Recently, France intensified air strikes on ISIS, which it performs in the coalition led by the United States, following a series of terrorist attacks that ISIS took responsibility for.

On June 4th the divisions of Assad‘s army entered the territory of the province of Raqqa, with the support of the Russian air force.

On May 25 it was reported that about 250 American marines landed in Syria near the town of Al-Hasakah.