Wind blew off the roof from Piter Arena


Strong wind damaged the roof of Piter Arena being under construction, which is supposed to receive games of the World Championship in 2018.

This was told to R-Sport agency by a spokesman for the general contractor Izhtransstroy-SPB Nikita Pavlov.

“The stadium lost a part of the roof on one of the sites where active work was underway. It was understood that the wind blows, and these sheets may bend under extreme loads. These sheets were not secured, so there was such a situation,” he said, adding that the budget will not be affected by the incident.

This site was not put into operation, did not get into the stadium readiness report, and has not been paid, Pavlov said.

On Saturday, June 18, fire-rescue units of St. Petersburg were in high alert mode. The statement on the website of the local emergency department stated that due to strong wind gusts reaching 20 metres per second, 66 cases of falling trees, lightweight structures, buildings, and facilities occurred.

Source: Rosbalt