UN General Assembly will consider punishment of responsible for MH17 disaster


The issue of bringing to justice those who are responsible for the crash of the Malaysian aircraft MH17 will be raised again, not only on the second anniversary of the tragedy, but also at the next session of the UN General Assembly in September.

This was announced by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Vladimir Elchenko in his interview to LB.ua.

“I think that all the reports that were promised will be published this fall. After that we will meet in New York again, and see what we do next. I think that within the next session of the General Assembly that is starting from September this year, we will be dealing with this issue again,” Yelchenko said. 

The diplomat noted that all main negotiations on this issue happen in capitals of the involved countries.

“We talk on a regular basis on the issue, for example with Permanent Representatives of the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, and they all adhere to the position that we need to get some idea from the capitals, and then we do the second step in the UN,” he said.

Yelchenko believes that there are low chances of having an international tribunal over the perpetrators of the crash through the United Nations, however, it remains on the agenda.

“As far as I know, the idea of ​​establishing an international tribunal is not excluded, it is still on the agenda. The thing is, that in order to adopt such a resolution in the General Assembly, it is necessary to work very seriously, because it requires a two-thirds vote. Moreover, even if such a resolution is approved, it is not mandatory for implementation. Ideally, the resolution of the Security Council is needed, but you can clearly predict the outcome: same as a year ago (when Russia vetoed the decision of the UN Security Council), when the first attempt was made,” Yelchenko added.

Source: Gazeta.Ua