Viber moved its servers to Russia


As the representative of Viber Media Elena Grachev told Izvestia newspaper, the company placed its servers with personal data of Russians in Russia.

“We have moved servers, as it is required by law. Phone numbers and user logins will be stored in Russia. We do not store messages, they are on the users’ devices,” she explained.

Lawyers of the company believe that messengers are subject to the law requiring to store personal data of Russians in Russia, the newspaper said.

The law “On Personal Data” came into force on September 1, 2015 . It obliges foreign and local companies to store and process personal information of Russian citizens within the country. The violators will be put into a list of violators of the rights of personal data subjects. In addition, any online resource can be blocked by a court order.

Last month, the American company Apple agreed to transfer the personal data of Russians to the data center in the territory of Russia.

Source: RBC