It was suggested to set up surveillance cameras in hotel rooms


Russian Ministry of Culture, which oversees the tourism sector, is developing a bill on additional security measures in hotels, which will be obliged to inspect the luggage of guests, install metal detectors in hotels, and security cameras in the rooms.

This was reported by the newspaper Izvestia citing a source in the ministry.

According to the newspaper, the government believes that in the light of terrorist attacks that happened in recent months in many countries, the security measures in the country’s hotels are insufficient. It was reported that the authorities are discussing the possibility of tightening requirements for the “anti-terrorist protection” of hotels.

“… The source in the Ministry has confirmed the development of additional safety measures in hotels. In particular, it is proposed to introduce in the hotels luggage screening, and install a metal detector in each hotel,” the newspaper writes.

It is also planned to develop a code of conduct for guests. According to Izvestia, the security requirements can relate to the transport the guests arrive by.

“Panic buttons will be installed on each floor, and probably in every room. This is still under discussion. Security cameras will be installed in the hallway of the hotel rooms. In general, the behavior of the hotel guests will be monitored closely,” the newspaper quoted a source in the ministry.

According to the media, all proposals will be further developed. Ministry of Culture intends to discuss them with relevant executive authorities and experts.

Source: RIA