Defence Ministry of Poland: After NATO summit Russia has to withdraw from Ukraine


Polish defense minister Antoni Macierewicz hopes that the decisions made at the summit of NATO will make Russia retreat from the Ukrainian territory.

He believes that a landmark decision will be made during the NATO summit in Warsaw.

“For a long time Russia thought that it has the right to challenge this decision. It is to soon to talk about it before its adoption, but after the decision is made, we can start talking about how to keep the world peace,” Macierewicz said a week before the NATO summit in Warsaw.

“We hope that these talks will result in Russia not only to cease aggressive steps, but also to leave the territory of Ukraine that was illegally occupied,” the head of the Defence Ministry of Poland said.

On July 8-9 NATO summit will be held in Warsaw. It will be attended by the presidents of 28 countries-members of NATO and partner countries. A meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of heads of states is scheduled during the summit.