Family from Israel disappeared in occupied Crimea


It is the second day of the search for 5 Israeli citizens, who travelled from Russian to Crimea, and disappeared without a trace.

Yesterday, a woman addressed the Israeli Foreign Ministry and reported that her parents and her 3 children arrived in Simferopol, but have not reached the destination, and did not make contact.

Currently there is no information on the missing citizens of Israel: grandparents and 3 grandchildren of 4, 6 and 12 years of age.

It was found out that on June 29 they landed in Moscow, got onto the flight to Simferopol where they were supposed to get to the final destination by taxi, but they did not make contact with relatives.

Last time they were seen at 5:00 am on June 30, when they came from Simferopol airport with luggage, but all local taxi drivers deny that they had seen them.

At the moment, Interpol is notified of the incident, as well as Israeli Consulate in Kiev (because Israel considers the Crimea as part of Ukraine). However, the fact that they entered the territory of the Crimea illegally, through Russia, complicates the official investigation.