Rystad Energy: There is more oil in USA than in Russia or Saudi Arabia


According to an independent consulting company Rystad Energy, recoverable oil reserves in the United States are greater than in Russia and Saudi Arabia.

According to experts of the company, the most probable estimate of crude oil reserves in exploited, open, and yet undiscovered deposits in the U.S. reaches 264 billion barrels. This is the largest number in the world. Second place goes to Russia with 256 billion barrels, and the third – to Saudi Arabia with 212 billion barrels.

More than 50% of American recoverable deposits account for shale oil. In accordance with the company’s data, Texas alone has more than 60 billion barrels of offshore oil.

Rystad Energy estimates total world oil reserves at 2.092 trillion barrels, which is 70 times more than the current level of annual production of the “black gold” (which is estimated at 30 billion barrels a year). The entire amount of oil produced by today is estimated at 1.3 trillion barrels.

Source: glavportal.com