Merkel accused Russia of violating the principle of inviolability of borders


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Russia has put into question the fundamental principle of the inviolability of borders.

Speaking in the Bundestag, Merkel also laid responsibility on the Russian side for the loss of trust between Europe and Russia. She stressed that Russia’s actions have frightened NATO member states in eastern Europe, and now they need the support of the Alliance.

At the same time the Chancellor recognized that addressing security issues in Europe is impossible without Russia.

“We are united in the opinion that long-term security can only be achieved together with Russia”, Merkel said.

According to her, the current NATO strategy towards Russia is purely defensive by nature.

Merkel made statements on the eve of the NATO summit to be held in Warsaw on July 8-9. Ways of strengthening the Alliance defence will be discussed.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated after the annexation of the Crimea and the beginning of the armed conflict in the Donbas. As a result, NATO suspended the cooperation agreement with Russia.

Source: BBC


Image: EPA