Rammstein: We won’t come to Russia again, your propaganda went too far


Russian propagandists got into a grand international scandal: vocalist of Rammstein Till Lindemann hired leading lawyers for litigation with the authors of fake pictures where he is depicted with Putin’s portrait on a t-shirt, and on a smartphone.

Images of Till Lindemann in a black t-shirt with a portrait of Putin gone viral on the internet. The musician is outraged by unscrupulousness of Russian propaganda: he assures that the photo is fake, and demands a retraction. According to the rocker, the images were modified using a graphic editor: the original t-shirt had a stylized skull and crossbones. The photo that is spread by Russian media was taken in Moscow on June 19, at the concert of the legendary band.


Moreover, Lindemann denies a statement that he allegedly made about Merkel‘s lack of popularity in Germany in comparison with Putin.

“I like him, he is a strong leader, not a puppet. I think all these political attacks on your country are unfair,” replicated propagandists “the statement of the musician.”

Lindemann claims that never made such a claim: he is absolutely apolitical, although he answered the question of the Russian promoter’s friends about Moscow that he liked the city. According to the press service of the musician, there were no more interviews or communication with the press.

According to Bild, because of the publication of forged photos and falsified statements Lindemann hired lawyers. He also stressed that he “does not make any political statements out of principle.” After the scandal, the musician says that he is not ready to return with a concert to the country that distorts the truth, although he regrets that Russian fans will not be able to see him live.

Lindemann is outraged that propaganda media, such as RT, Ren TV, Sputnik, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and others set him up by publishing false information. The leader of the band said that his honor and dignity can not be a bargaining chip for media that are so used to embellish reality, not thinking about the consequences of their lies.

Source: technosotnya.com


  • AMS

    “… [H]is honour and dignity can not be a bargaining chip for media that are so used to embellish reality, not thinking about the consequences of their lies.”

    Now that is a righteous sentence. Remember it. Everywhere you go.

  • Volker Trauth

    They know they are going to lose money by not performing in Russia, where they have a big market for their music. That is the strength in character I would like to see in whining economic leaders who are eager to kiss Putins ass and betray their ideals, if they have any, when it comes to the decision either to stay on the Russian market or walk out with a raised head, for example because of sanctions.

    • SnakeJerusalem

      Which is exactly why I don’t believe they won’t return.

      • Volker Trauth

        That was not alleged by nobody, anyway. It’s temporary. The signal is nonetheless clear. And as far as I know the paranoid Russian leadership, they will turn it into permanent by their own by declaring Rammstein a ‘Russophobe’ group for that decision alone.

  • MikeZapasnoi

    Respect to the band! Who would’ve expected that a glowing example of dignity would come from a heavy metal band, but here they are!

    All these “stars” and “celebrities” have something to learn from them.

  • Lying and propaganda are part and parcel of the old Communist order. These imbeciles are always and forever living in the past – as the rest of the world knows.

  • dixi3150