Helicopter Mi-25 with Russian pilots was hit in Syria using American weapons


According to military sources, the combat helicopter was hit when it was returning from a combat mission.

According to Interfax, a Syrian helicopter Mi-25 with Russian pilots was shot down by militants of ISIS today using American TOW missile system.

“According to reports, the terrorists used American TOW. The helicopter, that was out of ammo, was returning back at extremely low altitudes,” the source said.

Earlier, Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the death of a Russian crew at Palmyra in Homs province.

Source: Life.ru


Image: RIA

  • David Henderson

    That story of the news agency Life.ru is only the half truth (and originally the whole helicopter loss was even totally denied). Life.ru made up the above referred half-true version to play down the huge propaganda defeat of the death of the top battle helicopter pilot of Russia, Colonel Ryafagat Khabibullin.

    Another huge propaganda loss was the fact that the helicopter was the Russia’s latest export sales model, i.e. MI-35M, which Russia is trying to export to its customer countries for 35 million USD per helicopter gunship. So it was bad publicity that the MI-35M could be shot down so easily, like an old MI-24. The below link has a still photo extracted of the video clip of the helicopter just before the shoot-down and during the shoot-down during a battle.

    (The MI-35M has almost the same silhouette as MI-24, but the MI-35M is clearly distinguishable by its x-shaped tail rotor and by its non-retractable chassis.)

    The story of the Russian Ministry of Defence is also otherwise twisting the truth of the death of their top helicopter pilot:

    According to the false description of MoD of Russia, the helicopter was shot in the back from an ambush, not from MANPADS, so jamming setting system could not work, and the helicopter was destroyed by a manual control of a wire-controlled TOW missile shot from the ground – and that is not true.
    – In reality it wasn’t manual targeting. The MI-35M was struck by a self-guided missile because the defense system of the costly helicopter didn’t work!

    Also, the helicopter was not out of ammo nor on a returning flight after mission. In reality the helicopter was itself shooting ground targets at the time when it got shot down during the battle against the Syrian opposition forces.

    The below linked video shows the truth, i.e. the last minutes of the battle and the death of the Russian helicopter base commander & helicopter pilot ace colonel Ryafagat Khabibullin (and his co-pilot):