Builders of Vostochny space port are preparing for strike


Workers of two branches of Dalspetsstroy that build the Vostochny (“Eastern” – RRT) space port are preparing for a strike because they are not getting payed for many months.

“This is outrageous! The salary on the Vostochny space port is not being paid since April. Last week we received a minimum payment for April, but we have children, we can’t pay our bills, loans are past due for 3 months,” the relatives of the builders wrote in a letter.

The letter states that employees were going on strike on July 8, and informed the management of Dalspetsstroy. Relatives of the workers say that many of them are willing to talk only anonymously because they fear layoffs.

Dalspetsstroy responded that the salary issue is under special control. The company also announced its tough financial situation. However, the company promised to pay the money to all the staff soon.

“Regarding delayed and partial payments to employees – this was caused by technical reasons. All necessary documents are currently in the Treasury, so the payments will be received in the next few days,” told the Dalspetsstroy.

36 criminal case were open during the construction of the Vostochny, mostly related to corruption. Builders have repeatedly complained of delays and non-payment of salaries. In February, the deputy head of Dalspetsstroy was arrested on suspicion of abuse of office during the construction of the cosmodrome.