Russia used long-range bombers in Syria again


As reported by Russian Defense Ministry, 6 long-range bombers Tu-22M3 took off from Russia and hit targets belonging to the extremist group Islamic State in Syria.

“A large field camp of militants was destroyed, 3 warehouses with weapons and ammunition, 3 tanks, 4 armored personnel carriers, 8 vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, and a large number of enemy forces,” reported in the department.

According to the Ministry of Defense, attacks were made to the east from Palmyra, Es-Suhne, and Arak. All planes returned safely and landed at their airports.

Russia have previously used long-range bombers for air strikes on Syrian territory. However, in March it was reported that all Tu-22M3 returned to the place of permanent deployment because the active phase of the operation ended.

Last Saturday, the Defense Ministry reported the death of two Russian military pilots-instructors: their helicopter was allegedly shot down by militants of ISIS on July 8 near Palmyra.

After that, the newspaper Kommersant, citing its own sources, claimed that in response Russia is considering increasing the number of attacks on the positions of militants in Syria.

Russia launched an operation in Syria last September. In March this year, President Vladimir Putin ordered to withdraw the main part of the Russian air group from the Syrian territory, although several Russian aircraft continue to perform combat missions in Syria.

Source: BBC


Image: RIA Novosti