New military doctrine of Germany: Russia wants to confront


Germany did not change its military doctrine for the past 10 years.

According to the new version of the national security policy, approved by the German government on Wednesday, Russia “will pose a threat to the security of Europe” if it does not change its policy.

The new version of the so-called German “White Book” says that Russia “is committed to a strategic rivalry” with the West.

The document also notes that the German army should be more involved in addressing global security issues. The document proposes to allow citizens of other EU countries in the armed forces of Germany. The new strategy involves the German army’s participation in NATO and UN missions.

Germany updated its concept of security policy for the first time since 2006. In May, the Ministry of Defence announced the expansion of the department. Reforms will last 7 years. During this time, 14,000 soldiers will join the Bundeswehr. Currently the German army has 200,000 people.



Image: Reuters