UN recognized Russia as epicenter of global HIV epidemic


According to UNAIDS report for 2015, Russia is the country with the world’s largest HIV epidemic.

According to the organization, the only regions in the world where the epidemic continues to spread rapidly are Eastern Europe and Central Asia. At the same time, in these regions Russia accounts for 80% of new cases of HIV. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Ukraine are collectively responsible for 15%.

The study says that Russia bypasses such countries as Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe by the speed of increasing of the number of patients.

UNAIDS sees the main cause of the situation in the fact that Russia lost international support for programs against HIV, but was unable to replace it with adequate prevention at its own expense.

According to the Federal AIDS Center, there are 824,000 people living with HIV infection at this time in Russia. 11% of them are new cases.

Source: paperpaper.ru


Image: everydayhealth.com