265 people were killed during coup in Turkey


According to Turkish president administration, the number of victims of clashes in Turkey during a failed military coup increased to 265 people.

According to the report, 104 rebels were killed during the coup, the other victims are civilians. 20 of them participated in the clashes on the side of the rebel military. The number of wounded is estimated at 1,500 people.

On Saturday, the parliament, which was seriously affected by the events of last night, started an emergency meeting. All four factions present in the House condemned the coup attempt.

2389 people were arrested after the uprising, including senior military officials. Also, 2745 judges of various levels lost their jobs, including the judge of the Supreme Court of the country Alparslan Altan.

The armed rebellion began in Turkey on July 15th. A group of military said that they were taking control of the country into their own hands to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens. By morning, the Turkish government fully restored control over the situation in the country.

Source: BBC


Image: Getty Images