Lukashenko: DPR and LPR need to be destroyed for the sake of Ukraine’s integrity


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that in order to maintain the integrity of Ukraine it is necessary to destroy those who fight against the country.

According to Lukashenko, he is ready to help Ukraine by any means, not only by the mediation and peacemaking, but also officially. Also, the Belarusian president noted that “Ukrainians are smart people who can deal with their problems, and those people will handle it.”

“Well, as for me – a man whose roots come from here – I had never thought of myself as a foreigner in Ukraine, and of Ukraine as a foreign land for me. I am ready to do everything you say, and everything I can do, without the mediation and peacemaking,” Lukashenko said.

As for the militants of “Novorossia” (this is how Donbas rebels call the occupied territory – RRT), the president said that they must be destroyed. Answering the question what he thinks about DPR and LPR, Lukashenko said: “You know, I was always for the integrity of Ukraine. My attitude comes from it. Ukraine should be united, we are all interested in it – we, Belarusians, and I personally,” Alexander Lukashenko said.



Image: RIA

  • Patrick

    Very clear words for a man that one day could be confronted with the same problems as Ukraine in case he really does things Russia doesn’t like.

    Belarus is Russia’s closesest ally, apart from Donald Trump of course. How on earth is it possible that Putin even allienated Belarus !

    • Victor Ionopin

      Yeah it takes a real talent to alienate the closest friends. Ukraine is done, Belarus and Kazakhstan are next.